Project Description

The Ultimate Meeting Collaboration Platform

Mersive are a leading provider of software-based collaboration solutions, enabling multiple users to share content from their devices through their flagship Solstice range.

A New Class of Room System.

Solstice Conference enhances video conferencing with Solstice’s rich, multi-participant content sharing to deliver a better collaboration experience between onsite and remote users.

Solstice Conference leverages the laptops users bring into the room, along with their video conferencing services of choice, to create a touchless meeting room experience.

Software-based video switching for multi-screen environments.

Solstice Active Learning provides a software-based video routing solution used in multi-screen environments, such as active learning rooms, overflow spaces, and confidence monitors. The drag-and-drop interface allows users to virtually design rooms in minutes and route video in real-time all using the Solstice Active Learning app.

Global monitoring, management, and analytics of Solstice deployments.

Solstice Cloud is a secure web-based portal that provides administrators with complete control of entire Solstice deployments. Manage, analyse, and optimise Solstice-enabled rooms with ease, and activate other cloud-based services and integrations such as calendaring, digital signage, and active learning.

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The Mersive Advantage

Award-winning Content Sharing
Solstice enables team collaboration to reach new heights by allowing simultaneous users on any device to wirelessly stream rich content to a room display. Share content in one step using any browser, AirPlay®, Miracast®, or the Solstice app. Solstice uses the local network for the highest streaming performance and lowest networking costs.

Bring Your Own Meeting
Any device. Any application, content, and calendar. Any meeting type, room, and peripheral. Solstice and Solstice Cloud leverage all of these to seamlessly curate your entire meeting environment for the optimum team experience using the same, easy workflow every time.

Ground-breaking Video Conferencing Integration
In cases where your meeting involves remote participants, Solstice Conference seamlessly bridges the full in-room experience — including any room peripherals — to any video conferencing service in just one step. All users can share in one step — without having to join the conference — using Solstice content sharing.

Manage All Locations from Anywhere
Manage your entire Solstice deployment — whether it’s local, regional, or global — from Solstice Cloud, our centralised management portal. Also, connect to supported third-party cloud services and easily software upgrade any part of the deployment at any time.

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