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Avocor G series edge-to-edge bezel-less interactive displays are engineered to impress when they’re on and even when they’re turned off. Available in 65″, 75″ and 85″.


The E series incorporates cutting-edge touch technology that delivers up to 20 ultra-fast touch points, creating an environment that inspires collaboration. Available in 55″, 65″, 75″ and 86″.


Avocor’s W series interactive displays keep people connected, ideal for focus and small meeting rooms, corporate and home offices. Available in 55″ and 65″.


Easy and secure one-touch access to all of your video conferencing apps, room calendar and more.


The world’s first windows collaboration display certified for Microsoft Teams

The 65” Windows collaboration display by Avocor is the world’s first display to be certified for Microsoft Teams, enabling increased productivity for everyone in the meeting. Ideal for focus rooms, the WCD by Avocor makes it simple for team members to connect and collaborate seamlessly and delivers the power of Office 365 and Teams at room scale.

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Discover Avocor
Interactive Displays for


Discover Avocor
Interactive Displays for


Workspace Intelligence Software

Avocor Aquarius WorkSpace Intelligence leverages data gathered from Avocor W series displays with integrated Azure certified IoT sensors and Microsoft 365 analytics to provide a cost-effective way to collect and turn meeting room data into insights that are vital to space planning and reporting.

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Avocor Virtual Demonstrations

Avocor recognises how important it is to support the global community of businesses and employees who need to continue to work, connect, communicate, create, and collaborate.

Choose from a selection of 30 minute Virtual Demos including: Avocor AV Interactive Displays Overview and Avocor ALZ Virtual Demos.

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Changing the way the world works together

Find out how Avocor can help your customers create collaboration solutions that keep people seamlessly connected using any Unified Communications software platform.


Northamber’s AV value-add services include

Our authorised training centre offers your team technical and sales training. We can offer training at our facility in Weybridge, Surrey or on site at your premises.


Our authorised training centre offers your team technical and sales training. We offer authorised technical and sales training either on-site or at our premises.

Pre-sales team help scope, design, demo and offer proof of concept whilst advising you on how to maximise value.

We can pre-check product, update firmware, load software or build racks in preparation for your installation. Our pre-configuration & imaging services help optimise the solution and value for your end-user whilst minimising your time on-site.

On-site installation is available across the UK. Short notice requests accepted.

Flexible Trade Credit
Northamber is the largest supplier of self-insured trade credit in the UK IT distribution market, we manage credit completely in house so can work with you and provide unrivalled flexibility. We will explore every available avenue to help you obtain the right credit line for your business.

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