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Avocor interactive displays are designed to enhance collaboration in the meeting space, bringing teams together, making them more productive as a result.

Making Every Meeting More Productive

The way that we conduct meetings has changed dramatically in recent years with the emergence of meeting room technology which facilitates improvements in output and productivity.

In addition, businesses are faced with an increasingly mobile workforce and therefore face the challenge of how to actively engage meeting delegates who join remotely. None of us relish meetings that involve disengaged participants spending precious time in meetings that deliver no clear or concise outputs until someone has the time to type up and circulate.

Issues like these can end up wasting a lot of valuable time and seem impossible to fix but Avocor have the answer.

Avocor create interactive solutions which are designed to improve business agility, enhance collaboration and increase engagement and productivity in three simple ways.

Immerse remote participants and transform meetings by combining voice, video and screen sharing functionalities*, engaging all attendees, regardless of location.

Facilitate faster business outcomes by creating agile meeting spaces that encourage participants to collaborate on business processes.

Improve post meeting efficiency by sending all amends, annotations, mark ups and notes made during the meeting straight to participants from immediate review and further discussion or commentary.


The E series of interactive displays introduces first-to-market features such as optically bonded glass into a 4K IR display, making the E series the most high-performing, cost-effective solution available on the market.



The Avocor F series delivers the very latest in technology innovation and features next-generation InGlass™ touch technology for a smooth, accurate user experience.



Windows collaboration displays by Avocor are an all-in-one video conferencing, whiteboard and touch display that combines an integrated, high-quality camera, stereo speakers and an active, far-field microphone array to create a video collaboration environment.


Learn how Avocor utilises collaboration at Western Union

Western Union currently have Avocor installed regionally in offices including India, Manila, Singapore, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Lithuania, New Jersey and San Francisco. Also the plan is to integreate Avocor into their offices globally!

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Check out our Avocor Corporate Bundles

Download our PDF of the latest bundle deals available that offer a range of collaborative solutions using Avocor Displays.

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Learn how Avocor transformed the workplace collaboration at Altro


Altro saw the need for transformation within it’s key customer facing and employee spaces. Avocor’s F series immediately impressed Altro and enabled them to build their ideal, perfect environment, tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

“With just one click our staff can control everything in the meeting room directly from the display”
– Gideon Tester, Business Digital Systems Manager

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Discover how Avocor create create flexible, affordable, interactive touchscreens that help to unify in-room and remote collaboration experiences, ideal for every workspace and budget.

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