There are millions of SMB companies in the UK who have had to deal with the most challenging year in living memory. Technology has allowed businesses to adapt quickly with remote and now hybrid working becoming increasingly commonplace. 

  Supporting SMBs with the right technology based solutions is important to their recovery and growth and also represents a huge business opportunity for AV and IT Solutions providers. Those resellers who can help address the current issues facing SMBs will have a definite advantage.

Northamber’s AV, Document Management and IT Solutions divisions are focussing on providing tailored levels of support to SMB companies to take into account new finance challenges, hybrid and remote working challenges as well as new security needs and changes in IT infrastructure, all brought on by the pandemic.

Our new 80 page SMB Technology Guide draws upon some of the expertise of our specialists to provide the latest solutions for small medium sized businesses. Split across four sections; Audio Visual, Document Management & Infrastructure Solutions, Cyber Security and our Room Guides, our reseller Buyer’s Guide showcases many key solutions required to fulfil the changing needs in business.

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