Hikvision are a company well known for their security cameras but the new MinMoe product range from Hikvision is especially relevant at the moment, providing temperature screening and access control.

Available as a 7” touch screen which can be wall mounted or you can add an optional table/floor stand and a 10.1” touch screen which comes with a floor stand. The MinMoe face recognition terminals are capable of detecting temperatures ranging between 30 to 45 degrees C, with accuracy of ±0.5 degrees C.

The solution is designed to be as easy to use as possible and allows users to be self-sufficient so they can check their own temperature by simply approaching the device and standing in front of the camera. The camera will use face recognition and take a temperature reading from the forehead. Once the user’s temperature has been checked, the device can provide both visual and audio feedback allowing the user to see if they should enter or not.

In addition to the temperature screening, the MinMoe solution can also provide mask detection. This means while being temperature checked if the user is not wearing a face mask they can be reminded to do so by visual alerts on the screen.

This is a great solution for any areas where temperature checking may be required and can allow the process to be automated, its ideal for any entrances to businesses, shops, airports, etc.

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