Huddle rooms are continuing to gain in popularity and with it the need to create or join online meetings from those spaces, the Lifesize Icon 300 is a solution that’s perfect for these smaller huddle rooms. In addition, Lifesize have a complete range of Icon solutions to suite any meeting room size, allowing you to keep uniformity across any organisation. This combined with the ease of use allows you to make sure users have the best experience in any of your meeting rooms when using video conferencing.

The camera itself on the Icon 300 has an ultra-wide angle lens so even in smaller rooms where users are closer to the camera it can still capture more of the room and the people in the meeting. The HDMI input allows users to connect laptops/PCs and present with extremely high quality and share their desktop in up to 4K resolutions.

Installation is simple, out of the box it includes both a table stand and wall mount. Set up and administration is made easy no matter what size of network you have because all the Lifesize Icon units can be managed centrally, including configuration settings and updates.

The Icon 300 is available as either a bundle with a Lifesize micpod where you can use the Lifesize Room Controller app on an Android or iOS tablet to control the room to make calls, invite users etc, or you can get the bundle with the Lifesize Phone HD which in addition to the built in speakers and mic includes a 5” touch screen allowing meeting room control.

If you think this might be the right product for a project you’re working on get in touch with us to discuss it further. We can help you with any AV requirements and are happy to help recommend the right products for any projects you’re working on.