The Blustream MFP62 Multi Format Presentation switch is ideal if you need to add support for a variety of devices in an area such as boardrooms/meeting rooms, classrooms, huddle spaces, etc. Whether you need to connect known devices in various formats or if you need to cater for users bringing their own devices, adding support for HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA and USB C is made easy and allows you to be ready for most connection types on devices that you need to present from.

The Blustream MFP62 can support 4K60 4:4:4 and is HDCP 2.2 compliant so you can get the best possible quality from the source device to the screen. In addition the dual HDMI outputs mean you can connect a secondary repeater screen directly without the need for additional splitters. The outputs from the MFP62 can also be scaled, this means if you have a 4K screen the output can be set to 4K so even any 1080p inputs will be scaled up to 4K, or alternatively if you have 1080p screens the output can be fixed at this resolution but if you have a device that can only output at 4K it will still be scaled down so it can still be displayed on your existing displays.

Flexible audio control is available with a built audio mixer, a mic input with an automatic audio ducking feature means you can connect a microphone and the source audio automatically decreases while the speaker’s voice is heard over the top of the background audio. In addition both audio embedding and de-embedding is available by the separate audio inputs/outputs.

Control can be done via the buttons on the front panel or a remote control that comes with the device, there’s also a built in web GUI that the user can connect to if the Blustream MFP62 is connected to the network and given an IP address. In addition, if you want to integrate with a third party controller such as Crestron, Kramer, etc then it has full external control available by RS-232, TCP/IP or IR.

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