The Aten UC9020 is an AV mixer that’s perfect for adding more to your live streams allowing you to create a professional presentation with an intuitive user interface. It has 3x HDMI inputs (1x 4K, 2x 1080p) so you can connect dual cameras, video sources such as a laptop/PC with a presentation or any other HDMI input sources and it includes a HDMI monitor output so you can see the content that’s being created on a local screen.

With the easy to use iPad application you can create up to 8 preconfigured scenes which you can easily recall using the physical buttons on the mixer during the live stream. The scenes you create can include backgrounds, text and image overlays, images with transparency and the HDMI input sources including in Full Screen, Picture in Picture or Side by Side modes with multiple content sources on screen at the same time. This allows you to really customise the style of the live stream and it’s very easy to transition between these scenes smoothly using the transition controls on the mixer.

The audio control buttons allow you to easily switch between audio sources for example if you have dual HDMI inputs on screen, allowing you to select which source the audio comes from. It also has a volume control switch, making it easier to control the audio levels during a live presentation without needing to go into the software to make adjustments.

The integrated encoder and streaming server allows you to stream to any major platform and can even live stream to 2 sites at the same time. Whichever platform you want to use, you’ll find support for all the major platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Livestream or any custom RTMP destination, all in high-quality full HD. Best of all, the configuration with each platform has been made simple, you just need to enter the stream URL and key provided by the platform (such as Facebook, Youtube, etc) into the app, choose the quality of the video you want to stream and you’re ready to start the live stream.

If you think this might be the right product for a project you’re working on get in touch with us to discuss it further. We can help you with any AV requirements and are happy to help recommend the right products for any projects you’re working on.