The Kramer KT-107 is a 7” POE touch screen with options for both wall and table mounting. It has a high quality IPS 1280×800 display giving wide viewing angles with multi-touch functionality.

The touch screen tablet is Android based and has a built in battery in addition to the POE compatibility so it can also work wirelessly meaning it can be removed from the table mount and carried around the room to make control easy and flexible.

Combined with the SL-240C room controller which includes four RS232 ports, four IR, four GPIO, four relays and Ethernet control of your devices it provides a very powerful and flexible solution. The control module is also POE compatible.

The Kramer room control solution can include multiple touch screens or multiple controllers if required for larger or multi room installations and using the Kramer control manager tool makes creating and configuring the user interfaces as easy as possible where you can create as many pages as you like and completely customise the design to your requirement.

You can easily learn how to program the controllers by completing the free Kramer training course or we can provide a programming service if you prefer.

Get in touch with us to discuss your projects and how Kramer control would work for you, we can help with the initial design of the solution and provide programming services for the installation.