The current rise in remote working/learning has led to a huge increase in the demand for streaming content remotely to users who can easily view from a PC or laptop. While there are a number of software based solutions around I want to discuss the offering from Matrox and Panopto which combines a hardware and software solution to give you the best experience possible.

The Matrox Maevex 6020 is the hardware part of the solution, this is a small 1u half rack device which features 2 full size HDMI input ports with HDMI loop through outputs and a DisplayPort monitor output so you can view either one or both of these HDMI inputs side by side. With the 2 HDMI input ports you can connect your source devices such as Laptops/PCs/Cameras/video players or anything else with a HDMI output. It’s capable of encoding these 2 HDMI inputs into 2 separate 1080p video streams at the same time, these video streams can then be streamed live up to the Panopto cloud where your users can connect securely and watch them live or you also have the ability to at the same time record the whole presentation to video which will then also be uploaded securely to the Panopto cloud and can be viewed by your users at a later date simply by going to the Panopto cloud platform.

The most important difference when using the Matrox Maevex device is that by using a hardware encoder you can ensure you get the best possible image quality and smooth video for your users. The dual HDMI inputs mean you can stream both a high quality camera image as well as the output from any device with a HDMI connection, which is not possible in software only solutions if the source device isn’t able to run software on it.

The initial configuration of the Matrox Maevex encoder has been made as simple as possible; simply enter a registration key for any encoders you have to link them to your Panopto account.

Once you’ve linked the Maevex 6020 encoder all of the control of the device is then done through the Panopto software. From this point on you only need to log in via your web browser where you can start new recording/streaming sessions.

You can customise the presentation having multiple screens (from the dual HDMI inputs), allowing discussions, adding information and even adding tests to get feedback and make sure users have understood the information.

Once a recording has been completed you can store the whole presentation so any of your users can view it at a later date. Recordings can be made of the live stream at the same time, or you can present straight to an offline recording without having any live viewers.

This combination of hardware from Matrox and Panopto software gives you a great solution to live stream or record and share high quality and easily accessible videos to your users.

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